About Crazy Canyon Journal

What is Crazy Canyon Journal?

Crazy Canyon is a real place in western Montana where people walk dogs, ride bikes, and generate bright ideas–like building websites like this one. It’s where I go with kids, alone or with the wife to think, to exercise, to play.

This virtual Crazy Canyon is what happens when you have more ideas than time, but you finally say fuck it and start teaching yourself things like SEO, CSS, WordPress, and all that other bullshit a middle-aged guy should never know. This Crazy Canyon is what happens when you spend decades as an editor and finally realize you enjoy writing more than making other people who can barely spell their name sound like writers.

The Pale Man in Black

Yep, that’s me, surrounded by my sidekicks having lunch in the parking lot after a whopping 30 minutes of skiing. Unless it’s 10 or below, I’m never eating in the lodge again. In the lot, the beer is colder and cheaper, and the chili is better when it’s eaten off a tailgate.

If you really want to know more, please see my LinkedIn profile for things I take credit for doing. Some if them I actually did. Now, please, stop reading this and go outside to make some stories of your own–preferably involving tailgates and beer.

Meet the Mothership

Should you be a person of means or in a questionable position of authority who finds themselves afraid of the written word, web design, reports, and marketing, then by all means, please head over to my company’s more professional website. There, you will find less sarcasm, less fun, but more info.